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Health Restoration Guide

The 8 Health Hacks Overlooked By the "Experts"

Rachel's Health Restoration Guide is a exactly that....the key to restoring your health. Grab the core tips, tricks and strategies Rachel uses with her clients to help them reach the health goals they desire. You could quite literally take this Guide and be well on your way to achieving Optimal Health.

Sweat It Workout Group

The Online Community Where You stay Motivated

Rachel's Workout Group called Sweat It is a FREE Facebook Group. The group has a catalog of workouts for anyone and everyone. Including weighted workouts, body weight exercises, yoga, meditations, and best of all Challenges every 30 days. Join in the Fun or getting Fit together.

Rachel Ellenani

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Coaching with Rachel


Keep Your Coach With You At All Times

Have you ever wished you had a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Life Coach that lived with you?  Well now you can...kinda.
This is a subscription service that gives you workouts, meal choices and the accountability you need to help you reach your goals.
It is literally Rachel in Your Back Pocket.

Internal Selfie Challenge

Assess Your Lifestyle Habits The Right Way

Join this 21 Day Challenge to KickStart the Change Journey. You will identify the habits and patterns that are holding you back from achieving success. Understanding the factors of your own personal struggles whether they be about weight loss, sexless relationships, a particular disease or illness, your mood, not pooping everyday, not sleeping well, things you cannot explain but doesn't feel right.  This is the place to start. 

Luos Dekan Coaching

Learn How to Apply Rachel's Eight Essential Techniques

Rachel's 8 Essentials are taught in depth in an 8 week home study setting. You will learn more about yourself and have a clear defined path along with hitting some of your milestones along the way. Plus learning and Growing with Friends is way more fun. This includes making new friends online to share the Journey with.

Luos Dekan Mastery

Master Rachel's Eight Essential Techniques

Rachel, like Tony Robbins, believes that every single person needs a coach. Having a coach means accountability for all of your actions or non-actions.
This process keeps you on track and enables you to achieve your goals and get there faster than you would on your own. One on One coaching with Rachel is a super in depth look at your personal story and journey. She holds your hand and pushes you to your maximum potential.

Rachel Ellenani

Who is Rachel Ellenani?

A Functional Trainer, Gutologist and Real Love Coach. This trifecta is the key to helping others make the connection and bring balance to their body mind and soul.

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